14. March 2019
A moment of peace & devotion amidst the excitement & celebrations of the Melasti Ceremony.
15. April 2018
Years ago I read Elizabeth Gilbert's book Eat Pray Love. Although there were no parallels in our lives or stories, her search for happiness & her decision to do what ever it took to find her happy resonated deeply with me. She was daring enough to step out of her comfort zone to embark on a quest of self discovery that took her across the globe & ended in Bali & for that alone I was envious as for most of my adult life Bali was a dream that had eluded me for one reason or another.
28. February 2018
A spiritual & uplifting experience at Tirta Empul.
18. January 2018
Why I chose Bali as a destination for Boutique Escapes for Women.