About your host,  Jules


Following a career in the beauty industry & business administration, while on a family holiday to Bali,  I fell in love.  With the people, the place & the calming effect that Bali had on me.  I switched up my life & career & followed my dreams to create beautiful escapes for women.


Studying as a life coach with a strong focus on women's health & wellness, I learnt the importance of self care.  Our mental health is as important as our physical health & I have long been an advocated for a healthy life balance & believe time out to focus on yourself is not  selfish but it's essential so we can better take care of those around us.  I am passionate about using my skills to better womens' lives in a positive way & my work as a retreat facilitator has been one of my best & most rewarding lessons so far.


I have hosted Escapes with women of all ages & from all walks of life for some "time out" to reconnect not only with themselves but with each other.  

I invite you to join me on an Escape to Bali  & look forward to welcoming you on your own beautiful escape.




and what is an indah Escape?

Indah - meaning  - beautiful, lovely, divine, precious 


Indah Escapes is a fully hosted boutique escape for women that provides the opportunity for you to do as much or as little as you need to make the most of your precious "me time". Pampering  you from head to toe you will go home feeling relaxed & renewed. 


Why Bali you ask??


With its warm tropical climate, magical culture & beautiful people, Bali is the perfect choice to escape to a world away from your own.  

Staying in luxurious & private modern Balinese accommodation your days will be filled with spa treatments and relaxation by the pool. But, it's not all massages & cocktails though!! I've added in some hand chosen retail therapy, a little sightseeing & some cultural experiences along with some amazing culinary delights.


The perfect ingredients for a beautiful Escape.