beautiful escapes to bali

Indah Escapes is a fully hosted women only boutique holiday experience to beautiful Bali.   Designed to give women the ultimate in relaxation where the focus is on YOU.  A place where you can do as much or as little as you wish to ensure you make the most of your precious "me" time.  

Experience beautiful Bali with Indah Escapes. 


Want to learn yoga or meditation techniques?

Maybe a Balinese cooking class will help you unwind & relax?

Or perhaps a cocktail by the pool is more your style?

Escape in luxury on this fully hosted boutique Escape.  

This ultimate relaxation package is designed with YOU in mind.   Click image  or go to  Escapes  tab for more 


when was the last time you took time out just for you?


Enjoy massages & spa treatments or just relax by the pool


Yoga & meditation


Connect with like minded women. Get away as a solo guest, with your friends, your sister or your mum.